Company Information

Company Name YUGEN Co.,Ltd.

4-7-8-806 Hiranomachi, chuo-ku Osaka JAPAN 541-0046


Established 2004, Aug
Service Export and export of textile products, development of business support software
Capital J¥3,000,000
Number of Employees 4
Contact +81-6-6282-7357


2004 Established in Kohashi-cho, Tennoji Ward, Osaka City
2004, Aug Incorporation
2005, Feb, Sep
2006, Feb
TissuPremier in France
2006, Jan Hosted by JETRO “1st Mr. Kansai Fabric Business Meeting in Milan” Advisor
2006 Kyoto Prefecture sponsored “Tango Overseas Trial Project”
2007, Jan~
2010, Mar
Contract entrusted Tango Japan Brand business in 2006 from the Kyoto Food Association Federation
Holding “Tango Japan Brand Exhibition” at Paris
2007, Sep~ “J-TEX” exhibition held (organized)
2009, Apr JETRO Export promising project development experts entrusted
2010, July Outsourced from Tango Silk LLP
2011, Nov From the Turkish embassy to contract development business
2012, Apr From the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Industry to market development project
2012, June Turkish country Aegean region export association outsourcing business development project
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